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Before doing anything, please check out our Frequently Asked Questions page as the answers may be there already.

For more specific questions for The Cakery, please fill out the form below and we'll get back to you within 2 business days.

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This form is to request a quote only!! Please call the store in Dayton to place your order.

Which Location?
When you need the cake for? We are closed Sundays but you can pick up on Saturday or earlier and the cake will be fine. Please give date and time of pickup:
Are you looking for a tiered cake (multiple cakes stacked on top of each other of varying sizes)? If so, we are limited on times when they are available and they price like a wedding cake. (see wedding price list )
How many people do you want to feed?
What flavor do you want?
Do you want a filling? (Extra charges will apply)
What icing do you want?
Do you want a gourmet icing? (Extra charges will apply)
Do you want a shaped cake? 2D or 3D prices can run quite high and you lose cake from the original size.
What is the event you are having?
Is it for a child (give age to be if birthday) or adult
Do you have a budget, if so, what is it?
Do you want a licensed product like SpongeBob or Mickey Mouse? We can only do cakes that have trademarked or copy written where they offer licensed product. This is usually in the form of toys or an edible image (image ink jetted on an edible medium with food color). It is possible for us to do items that are generic in nature so as to not infringe upon the license of other products.
Do you have a picture of what you want or a drawing? If so please attach it to your request so we can tell what you are wanting.
Any other Comments?

If you want specific colors, we will need a color swatch as printers and the internet do not transmit colors very well.

Please note, any cake over $70 will require a 50% deposit up front.

Dayton Location:
The Cakery - Dayton
140 Woodman Dr.
Dayton, Ohio 45431
(937) 258-2320

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